New Music Up Late has been CUT

We learn from the show’s co-producer Stephen Adams that Australia’s only national radio show dedicated exclusively to contemporary music will not be scheduled next year as a result of the $254 million in cuts to the ABC. Funds will, according to this morning’s spin jam, be reallocated to online new music offerings. Even if this were to eventuate, where will this content come from, seeing as New Music Up Late is fed by ABC Clasic FM’s invaluable live music broadcasts, which have also been cut? New Music Up Late is an essential source of high-profile interviews, well-researched features and bleeding-edge musical content. Australia’s thriving new music scene will be weakened, disintegrated and alienated in its absence.

You can sign a petition to express your disgust for this cowardly attack on all things new and beautiful here.

Partial Durations is a Matthew Lorenzon/RealTime joint project.

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