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Matthew Lorenzon, editor


Matthew Lorenzon is a journalist and musicologist who is passionate about art music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His academic work combines theoretical and philosophical speculation with music analysis and archival research. He holds a doctoral degree in musicology from the Australian National University with a thesis on the interaction of music and philosophy in Antagonisme, a chamber work by Xavier Darasse on a text by Alain Badiou. As a music journalist, Matthew believes in critics maintaining a dialogue with musicians and audiences to help foster mutual understanding.

matthew dot lorenzon at gmail dot com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mathew, I was the girl sitting next to you and Sam last Saturday. I didn’t know you did your Phd at the ANU. I also did my Phd at the ANU. What a shame what they did to school of music. Uni melb school of music seems to be so much more active. I went to a lunch time concert this week, very impressive. Anyways, I had a look at your blog. I see a review on the rubiks but not on the pieces they played. Maybe I missed it. Hope to see you again at some concert some times. Yuguang Fan

    1. Hi Yuguang! Great to hear from another ANU alumnus. The review of the Rubiks Marcus Fjellström concert I saw you at is online now. Sorry for the delay! I hope to see you at another concert soon.

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