So much New Music in RealTime 122

The latest issue of RealTime is brimming with contemporary music. Greg Hooper has reviewed a concert by the hyperactive and hypertalented Syzygy Ensemble for DeClassifiedMusic in Brisbane, including works by Ives, Romitelli and David Dzubay. Hooper has also been able to get along to Kupka’s Piano‘s farewell gig (works by Murail, Eötvös, Lim, Kurtag and Dean) before half of them moved to Belgium and they all nipped over to Darmstadt for a spell. Clinton Green has written on the Liquid Architecture festival, including an interview on sound art with Danni Zuvela and Susan Phillipz. Chris Reid has reported back from a concert of music by Karlheinz Stockhausen composed during May 1968, which was directed by Stephen Whittington at Adelaide University. For the annual music education piece I review Peter Tregear’s essay “Enlightenment or Entitlement.” I also review Inverse Spaces: Elizabeth Welsh and Kim Tan’s concert of spatially-oriented works by Clementi, Scelsi, Nono, Donatoni and Hosokawa.


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