Concert guide: 4–10 December

A curated list of upcoming concerts. See also the Australian Music Centre concert calendar and the New Music Network concert series.

Wednesday 4 December. Margaret Cameron‘s Opera for a Small Mammal plays at La Mama, Carlton, Vic, at 6:30pm. I shall just reproduce the fine summary below:

Scraps of The Faerie Queen, Henry Purcell’s 1692 operatic adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, resound. Regina Josefine del Mouse lives in the theatre, in the castles and forests of dramatic literature. She is the Mouse Queen. Her tail glints with thieveries from philosophy, Franz Kafka, Lewis Carroll, Beat Poet Michael McClure, Gertrude Stein and other scholarly bits and pieces. Her dominion is the lowercase letters of art (not the uppercase citadel of Art) and Her audience is the community of Mouse People who live in the dark behind the scenes. With an Elizabethan extravagance and classical economy, depending upon the musical and rhetorical powers of poetry, huffing and puffing theatre-dust from the questions of self and Art, She issues a decree on the artistic nature of Matter.

The Song Company perform Christmas songs by Ross Edwards and Christopher Willcock at the Melbourne Recital Centre, 6pm.

Sound artist Kynan Tan‘s installation Perspectives [macro] continues at Free Range Gallery, Perth. Tan uses self-constructed computer programs to develop audio-visual material derived from data sets, archived footage, computer-generated imagery and synthesised sound. In this installation Tan explores the concept of a massive network of singular points as viewed from a singular perspective. The idea that constantly and unendingly, each individual within any given network or system is at once exerting and receiving a gravitational force in space-time on each other point within the system. Continues until 14 December.

Thursday 5 December. Forest Collective perform Evan Lawson’s second opera Calypso at the Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent, Vic, from 7:30pm. Performances also on Friday 6 December at 7:30pm and Saturday 7 December at 5pm and 8:30pm.

Warren Burt, Stelarc and Paul Doornbusch participate in a panel discussion on “Tone Scientists: Sound art and cutting-edge science” at West Space Gallery, Vic, at 7:30pm as part of the More Talk, Less Action series curated by Greg Wadley.

Friday 6 November. Marcus Whale curates a night of pop-performance art and experimental sound works at Firstdraft Depot, NSW, from 7pm. Entry fee of $5 comes with a free sausage.

Saturday 7 December. Miriam Gordon-Stewart performs a programme of early twentieth-century repertoire at Scots Church, Melbourne, at 7pm. With recitations from the journal of her grandmother Eileen Robbins by Susan Bullock.

The Grevillea Ensemble perform a new song cycle based on poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley by Katia Beaugeais at The Flute Tree, Leichhardt, NSW, from 3pm. Composer’s talk at 2:30pm.

The musics of Peter Sculthorpe, Brenton Broadstock, Ross Edwards, Paul Grabowsky, Iain Grandage, Stuart Greenbaum, Maria Grenfell, Matthew Hindson, Elena Kats-Chernin, Graeme Koehne, Paul Stanhope and Nigel Westlake have found their rightful place in a recording designed to lull children to sleep. Hear the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra launch the remarkable recording for the Hush Music Foundation at the Federation Concert Hall, Hobart, 7:30pm.


Partial Durations is a Matthew Lorenzon/RealTime joint project.

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