World’s Only Magazine

World's Only, Issue Three, cover by Dave Boyce
World’s Only, Issue Three, cover by Dave Boyce

World’s Only Magazine
Issue Three

The third issue of Sydney-based contemporary arts magazine World’s Only provides an intimate window into the lives and practices of artists, composers, bands and producers.

Horse MacGyver, introduced as “one of the most elusive musicians on the internet,” speaks to Cormack O’Connor through vocal distortion and ponders the motives of self-destructive rock idols, emotion and innovation in programming and how terrible the name “witch-house” is.

New York-based sound artist Tristan Perich tells editor Megan Alice Clune how playing the piano as a child inspired him to explore mathematics and discrete systems. Helped along by his parents’ love of Philip Glass, he developed an appreciation for the simple mathematical rations of polyrhythms, as well as the theorems of Alan Turing and Kurt Gödel. Perich also discusses his installation Microtonal Wall at MoMA and his work as a visual artist, including Machine Drawings for computer-controlled felt-tip pen.

A photographic interlude by Samuel Hodge takes the reader backstage at fashion label Romance Was Born’s Spring/Summer 2013 show.

Violinist and composer Caroline Shaw discusses her energetic Partita for Eight Voices, being a multi-tasking perfomer-composer, working with Glasser and John Cale and the effect of winning the Pulitzer on one’s culinary talents.

Glasser (Cameron Mesirow) describes the process of writing her new album Interiors, including its various architectural and urban influences.

With the glossy centrefolds of a coffee table magazine and the personal tone of a zine, World’s Only is essential reading for those interested in—or just curious about—contemporary art music.

Partial Durations is a Matthew Lorenzon/RealTime project.

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