Concert guide: 16–22 October

A curated list of upcoming concerts. See also the Australian Music Centre concert calendar and the New Music Network concert series.

Wednesday 16 October: Speak Percussion perform Grisey’s intergalactic percussion work Le Noir de l’étoile at Deakin Edge, VIC, at 8pm.

Thursday 17 October: The Australian String Quartet‘s National Composers’ Forum culminates in a public performance of six new works for string quartet by Jesse Budel (SA), Julian Day (NSW), William Jeffery (NSW), Natalie Nicolas (NSW), Sebastian Phlox (SA) and Timothy Shawcross (VIC). Elder Hall, SA, 8pm.

Friday 18 October: Jon Rose presents “Spin: The Canberra Pursuit,” a performance-installation of junk percussion powered by hacked bicycles. Yes, please. TAMS depot, Fyshwick, ACT, 6pm.

Pianist Ian Holtham presents four world premiere works by Barry Conyngham, Elliott Gyger, Mark Clement Pollard and Stuart Greenbaum that were written in response to Schubert’s iconic last piano Sonata. Melba Hall, VIC, 6:30pm.

WASO present WA composer James Ledger’s new violin concerto alongside works by Strauss, Ravel and Stravinsky. Perth Concert Hall, WA, 7:30pm. Repeat Saturday 19 October.

Saturday 19 October: Tura New Music’s Crossing Roper Bar tour comes to the Moonlight Bay Suites, Broome, WA, to present the collaboration between the Australian Art Orchestra and the Young Wägilak Group from Ngukurr in Arnhem Land. 7pm.

ARCKO Symphonic Ensemble revisit two works from previous years (Brendan Colbert’s ….floating in the void… and Roger Smalley’s Strung Out) along with Barry Conyngham’s Sky and the premiere of a new work for string orchestra by Melbourne composer Lisa Illean. Fitzroy Town Hall, VIC, 7:30pm. Repeat Sunday 20 October, 3pm.

Sunday 20 October: How could you pass up the Melbourne Bassoon Quartet with a blurb like this?: “My life-long companion, the Heckel bassoon, is worth a fortune nowadays. I can’t just let it rot in its box, so I have started playing again, practice every day, reformed the Melbourne Bassoon Quartet (again), in which I play the fourth bassoon part – yes, I’m 84 and I can manage it.

There is no money in it for any of the bassoonists, it’s all just for the love of playing chamber music. The program is all my own music: The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox always brings the house down, and there are homages to Victor Bruns and William Waterhouse, two old bassoonist friends of mine, both much more famous than me, dead now, but fondly remembered by me. And we play Rush for an encore. I hope we get that far.” (George Dreyfus)

Monday 21 October: Andrew Ford’s “Once upon a time there were two brothers … ” for solo flute/narrator and Ford’s string quartet Cradle Song performed by the Shanghai string quartet. Also, Penderecki and Haydn.

Partial Durations is a Matthew Lorenzon/RealTime joint project.

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