‘I wanted to involve the body more, the senses, the physicality of sound…’: An interview with Katharina Rosenberger

Those fortunate enough to be in Brisbane tonight can hear Kupka’s Piano’s programme of contemporary music from Germany and Austria. Here’s an interview, courtesy of the ensemble, with composer Katharina Rosenberger, whose composition Phragmacone will be performed by Samantha Mason.

Kupka's Piano


As part of our upcoming concert on May 10, Giants Behind Us, focussing on the next generation of German and Austrian music, we bring guest musician Samantha Mason to perform Katharina Rosenberger’s composition phragmocone for solo saxophone. The next in our series of interviews, composer Peter Clark has a chat with her about being a composer today. More on her music here: http://www.krosenberger.ch/

Peter Clark: Let’s dive straight into your life as an active composer! Tell me about how music and composition intersect with your day-to-day activities. What does a day in the life of Katharina Rosenberger look like?

Katharina Rosenberger: I count myself amongst the lucky beings, where one day never entirely resembles another. I feel a little less lucky when I am haunted by dreams with compositional problems, where I am stuck in a piece and with every breath I try to break away from troublesome…

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