Rubiks Collective: Imaginarium (Marcus Fjellström Portrait Concert)

Readers of this blog will be familiar with the Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström from his Odboy and Erordog Suite, a darkly humorous new media creation that I have reviewed several times. Anyone with a healthy sense of childhood nostalgia or a pet whimsy for old computer games and antique horror will love this piece, which … Continue reading Rubiks Collective: Imaginarium (Marcus Fjellström Portrait Concert)

Rubiks: Things are become new

Competing schedules, fickle venues, and piles of percussion gear: There are myriad difficulties involved in organising a contemporary music concert. It can feel like a puzzle, a riddle, or even a Rubik’s cube. This was the sentiment expressed by flautist Tamara Koehler at the beginning of the first self-organised concert by Rubiks, a group of … Continue reading Rubiks: Things are become new

Metropolis: Forest Collective, Moonfall

Forest Collective’s “Moonfall” programme explored two important aspects of the Metropolis festival’s theme, “Music inspired by the moving image.” Firstly, Forest Collective recognised the importance of computer games to any discussion of music and the moving image today. Secondly, the concert was downright creepy. Without culturally- and physiologically-ingrained harmonic cues, contemporary music can fall into … Continue reading Metropolis: Forest Collective, Moonfall